Polylak NV – MDF Powder Coating Oven Case Study

MDF Powder Coating Oven Case Study

Press Release: Metropool Noord, Gazet van Antwerpen, 27 September, 2006 (translation)

Latest Powder Coating MDF Line Starts Production at
Polylak NV, Antwerp, Belgium with a Heraeus Vulcan Catalytic IR System


MDF Powder Coating Oven Case StudyPolylak NV* specializes in the coating of MDF, primarily for the kitchen and bathroom industries. Recognized as a technology leader and producer of high quality finishes for MDF, Polylak now provides the same standards of finishing for point of purchase industries such as banks, retail shops, marine and office environments.

Innovation is the trade mark of dynamic companies. A leader in not only solid and clear liquid coatings for MDF components and wooden furniture, Polylak now brings the latest equipment and techniques for producing powder coated MDF parts.

This fast growing technology brings the benefits and flexibility – hallmarks of powder on MDF – to not only kitchen and bathroom customers but also to the many interior, furniture and point of purchase designers and architects.

The system purchased by Polylak NV, is known as “the two coat process”. MDF is preheated, a powder primer applied and cured, followed by the application and curing of a powder top coat. The entire process is accomplished with two powder application booths and three catalytic ovens manufactured by Heraeus Vulcan, taking less than 30 minutes to complete the production cycle.

The physical integrity of the MDF is maintained while encapsulating the entire component. The primer and top coat provide excellent chemical and mechanical properties, while providing an appealing aesthetic finish to the coated part. Both the process and finished products are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, with the total elimination of harmful solvents from the coatings.

MDF Powder Coating Oven Case StudyBENEFITS of powder coating on MDF

  • Tough, Scratch resistant
  • Soft tactile touch
  • Freedom of design
  • Modern look
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Low energy process
  • High production capacity

finished cabinet doors with mdf powder coating

  • Kitchens, Bathrooms
  • Home and business interior components
  • Point of Purchase displays
  • Children’s play furniture
  • Office furniture

*Polylak NV is a subsidiary of Vasco Kitchens

Press Release: Metropool Noord, Gazet van Antwerpen, 27 September, 2006 (translation)

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