MDF Powder Coating Benefits

MDF Powder Coating BenefitsCustomers who are powder coating MDF with our ovens include kitchen cabinet door manufactures and point of purchase displays for the retail industry. Powder coating MDF has proved to be far more cost effective than thermoforming PVC foil or the high labor associated with liquid finishes used to protect MDF for kitchen cabinets, display articles, office furniture, and the RTA industry.

The MDF Powder Coating benefits over foil and liquid finishes are:

  • Seamless coating that is highly water and heat resistant.
  • Can be applied to many different shapes and sized components.
  • Large color selection with solid, hammer tone, metallic or pearlescent
    textured finishes.
  • Coat front and back at the same time with same color and application.
  • Unlimited edge profiles.
  • High resistance to stains and affects of UV from direct sunlight.
  • Environmentally friendly coating, with no VOC emissions from the
    powder coating.
  • The process heating emits no Nox and no Carbon monoxide, which are
    harmful to the environment through ozone depletion.
  • New single coat system system is suitable in high humidity environments.

MDF Powder Coating Two Coat Systems produces high-quality edges and finishes style, versatility, flexibility are current buzzwords for what the consumer is looking for today and powder coat MDF delivers. Powder coating MDF affords designers the option to explore new and different shapes, colors and textures and it responds well to the changing demands of the design-driven savvy consumer. In addition, wood powder coating has seamless edges giving designers the ability to create products with contoured, bull nose and/or waterfall edges and meets these demands with style.

See the Powder Application Processes that are available.

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